About Beans and Bunny

We are a family living, working, playing and swimming in central Ontario. This blog is a collection of the questions and answers we come across in our exploration of the outside.

A bit about Beans, Bunny and their supporting cast:


Bunny is 10 years old. She loves to help people and is extremely curious about everything and why it is like it is, which results in a lot of questions. She loves skating, fishing, swimming, animals and playing outside with her friends. She likes adventure and fantasy books and comics. Her favourite foods are pasta, salmon, cheese and ice cream. Her nickname is Bunny because she bounces when she's excited, or waiting, or thinking... she bounces a lot, sometimes with star jumps.


Beans is our spirited, exuberant, imaginative 8-year-old. She loves swimming, hockey, pirates, karate, cooking, singing and party dresses. Her favourite foods are salmon, cereal, olives, red peppers, cucumbers and berries (ok - all food really). Her nickname is Beans because she's full of them. When she asks a question she wants an answer immediately. Beans may take over the world one day.

Mum (Me)
I am a biologist, science nerd, tea-aholic and dark chocolate enthusiast. My favourite food is mashed potatoes and my favourite colour is yellow, and has been both of those since I can remember. I love hockey, swimming, reading and generally being outside. 

Dad also loves swimming (but lakes and rivers only, not pools), fishing, hockey, reading and hanging out on docks. Favourite food by a landslide is tortilla chips and salsa. In case you were wondering, the fish he is kissing is a yellow perch.

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  1. Love love love all of you! What a wonderful family!