Thursday, 6 September 2012

the start of the blog


After much cajoling and prodding I have started this blog. My mother’s persistence that I start writing again has finally caused me to fold and just do it, which I hope that she doesn’t take as license to now start making me finish that book I started. Writing has always been a hobby, and was for a while a job when needed, so it didn’t take too much of a shove to suck me back in.

So most of you are probably wondering - why are you blogging anyway? Who are Beans and Bunny and why on earth are they outside? Well, there’s no simple answer to any of that, but then life rarely has simple answers.

If I’m going to dump my rambling here on a regular basis you might as well get a bit of background. I’m a biologist by trade and general science nerd by nature. I have two little girls (Beans and Bunny – see, it’s starting to make sense now) and I love (in no particular order) my family, nature, tea, camping, swimming, hockey, dark chocolate, music, mashed potatoes, reading and life in general. My girls like all those things too (even the tea) and would add in “anything pink and sparkly”. This amuses my family to no end, as I was dead set against anything remotely pink or sparkly as a child. One of my favourite pictures of Bunny is her standing in our backyard next to her toy lawnmower. She is wearing a pink tutu, has grass and dirt stained knees (from “fixing” the mower) and is holding a beautiful blue iridescent beetle she’s found. It just encompasses everything I want for my kids and most importantly the idea that you can be girly and naturey all at once.

Every day my girls amaze me with their observations on the world around them and their eagerness to learn about what they find.  I’m going to show you their thoughts about our outside, with some of my own nerdiness thrown in for good measure.

And so it begins.

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